The Steering Committee members of the Arctic indigenous languages project welcome your input and ideas. Feel free to use the form below to send us your ideas, articles, photos, videos and sound files, as well as languages events and news items about Arctic indigenous languages.

If you simply want to send an attachment by email or contact the Project Coordinator by phone, please do so at the following:
+1 613 563 2642

Project Manager:
Duane Smith, Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Canada


You are also welcome to contact directly one of the six (6) steering committee members or the committee chair. Their names and emails are below:

Carl Christian Olsen, Chair, Languages Steering Committee

Vera Metcalf, Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska

Sally Swetzof, Aleut International Association

Grant Sullivan, Gwich'in Council International

Gunn-Britt Retter, Saami Council

Colleen Henry, Arctic Athabaskan Council

Faina Lekhanova, Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North

You can also contact the Project Coordinator:

Lenore Grenoble